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Our apprentices


At Yorkshire Housing we’ve welcomed more than 100 apprentices through our doors and more than 70% of those have secured fulltime positions. We think that they say it far better than we can, so scroll down to read their experiences.

Muhammad Uddin New

Customer complaints apprentice Muhammad Uddin

Eighteen year old Muhammad has prefers hands-on learning and wanted to do an apprenticeship from an early age. He is currently working towards a level 3 apprenticeship qualification in the customer complaints team, having completed a level 2 apprenticeship in the benefits and money advice team.

Throughout his apprenticeships he has faced new challenges every day, built up skills that he can use anywhere and boosted his confidence. When he finishes his current apprenticeship, Muhammad will have three years of work experience and a fantastic skillset ideal, that he could use anywhere.

Muhammad said: “I felt I didn’t receive enough support when I decided I wanted to find an apprenticeship so I had to work harder than most to research roles and find out what my options were. Luckily, this is something I can now help with and I’m delighted to have been given the chance to talk to local schools in the coming months to share my experience with the students and support and advise them how to apply for apprenticeships.”

Since starting at Yorkshire Housing, Muhammad has been incredibly pro-active and has taken every opportunity offered to him and his hard work was recently rewarded with an award from Yorkshire Housing’s Chief Executive.

Finance apprentice Aaron Cross

Aaron chose an apprenticeship over going to university because he wanted to get experience in the workplace as well as working towards his qualifications. He also felt the level of debt that comes with a university degree was too high.

Aaron finds Yorkshire Housing very supportive of their apprentices and everyone he works with really friendly. Getting on with his team was easy, and despite worrying about coming into a “a very adult environment” before starting, he finds the atmosphere of the office and team relaxed and approachable.

Aaron said: “My apprenticeship helps me to build up skills in the business and work towards a level 4 accountancy qualification. A typical day for me involves working through the company’s accounts and statements helping to maximise funds.

“It was clear to me that Yorkshire Housing is different to other apprenticeship providers; there seems a genuine push to help you develop and succeed.”

Aaron applied online for the role and was quickly invited to a relaxed interview before being offered the job soon after.

Aaron Cross

Gas engineer apprentice Luke Bond

Nineteen year old Luke chose Yorkshire Housing because of the wide range of work and areas covered. He goes to college once a week to help with his personal development and he likes having variety within his working week.

Luke said: “I have a National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) in plumbing and I have just started my gas NVQ. This means I’ll be a fully qualified gas engineer once I have competed the apprenticeship. I like that I can earn while I learn and I feel lucky to have avoided student debt from going to university. I really enjoy my work, my team are all a good laugh and I’ve made some friends at college too.

“Every day is different, different places, different areas, different people, my team works on installs, repairs and servicing boilers so there’s a good variety of work too.”

Ben Wilkinson, assistant manager

Help to Buy assistant manager Ben Wilkinson

Ben joined Yorkshire Housing as a business administration apprentice in 2011, and has worked in various roles around the business. He is currently the Help to Buy assistant manager, covering the whole of Yorkshire, Humberside and the North East.

After college Ben travelled the world for a year. When he returned he was unsure about what he wanted to do next. He heard about the apprenticeship at Yorkshire Housing from his uncle and was impressed by the focus on individual development. Seeing it as a great opportunity to get his foot in the door, Ben applied and hasn’t looked back since.

He now oversees a team of five, making sure they are hit targets and improve Yorkshire Housing’s Help to Buy digital presence.

Ben said: “Apprenticeships give you a great platform to go into the world of work. They give you the skills and knowledge you need to kick start your career. Compared with university, you earn while you learn and when you finish your apprenticeship you’re potentially already in work.

Plumbing and gas engineer apprentice Rhys Hart

Rhys attracted to apprenticeships because of the opportunity to do both level 2 gas and level 2 plumbing apprenticeship. This means he learns two trades within one organisation and can potentially progress is career.

Rhys said: “Apprenticeships are great  for people who like to get their hands dirty, you’re earning while you’re learning and that’s ideal.

“I’m usually looking at eight jobs a day plus emergencies so I’m always busy and often faced with something new to add to my experience.”

Rhys Hart

Electrical apprentice Jack Holt

Jack chose to take an apprenticeship role rather than university because he felt being paid to learn was a better deal than tuition fees. He also realised that the demand for talented tradespeople was higher. He was drawn to Yorkshire Housing because of the opportunity to take part in the new trailblazing course, which included one day a week at college, alongside working four days on the job.

Jack said: “I’m really enjoying getting stuck in here. I come into the depot each morning to get my jobs for the day and then I’m out on the road.

“I work on anything from general repairs and installations, like smoke alarms, right through to installing brand new circuits and rewiring whole properties. I’m always working with different teams, meeting new people, and learning new things.”

Isobel Moorhouse New

Surveying apprentice Isobel Moorhouse

Having studied public services at college, Isobel wanted to get a full-time job but liked the idea of continuing to gain qualifications and keep learning. Isobel spotted the surveyor apprenticeship role online and it ticked all the right boxes. After applying online Isobel attended an interview and took a short assessment to gauge her suitability for the role.

She has gained a level 3 diploma in construction, development and environment with an NVQ in surveying property and maintenance. She’s also picked up lots of technical knowledge while shadowing the other surveyors in her team.

Isobel said: “In a typical day assess issues at properties that have been reported by customers and then raise the necessary orders to solve the problems. I also work through various admin tasks to update and develop our relationship with contractors who carry out those works. I feel really involved in the process and I’m always busy.”

HR apprentice Luscha Caruso-Birrane

Eighteen year old Luscha is involved with the process of recruiting new staff, whether that’s shortlisting candidates, scheduling interviews or organising inductions new starters. She’s also part of a team who organise training for the 700+ people at Yorkshire Housing.

Luscha’s confidence has grown since starting at Yorkshire Housing six months ago and  skills are developing quickly. Her knowledge of the recruitment processes is also increasing.

Luscha said: “I was applying for a lot of places but Yorkshire Housing stood out to me because of its values: respect, reliability and enthusiasm. I also knew someone who worked here and they explained how those values play a massive part in the atmosphere around the organisation. I knew it was somewhere I could see myself working.

“I think there’s a preconception about apprenticeships being less prestigious than attending university but I don’t see that. Apprenticeships make you stand out from a crowd and show you want to work your way to the top. I’d recommend applying to anyone wondering what to do next, you won’t regret it.”

Luscha Caruso-Birrane