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Upgrading our existing homes

Did you know that only 47% of homes in England have an Energy Performance Rating of Band C or above, and 10% are a Band E or lower?

We use data on our homes to make sure we invest in the right homes at the right time. But the upgrades we make to improve the energy efficiency of our homes isn’t all about numbers. The changes we make also benefit our customers by helping to reduce the amount of energy they use and making their homes warmer, healthier and more affordable.  

We need to make sure that we make the biggest impact and that we can create a long-term future for those homes and the people who live in them.  

We’re committed to doing our bit to tackle climate change. Our 16,500 homes produce around 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year and we plan to get that number to zero by 2050.  To help us do that we’re investing £30 million up until 2028 in all sorts of energy efficiency upgrade work to make sure all our homes achieve an Energy Performance Certificate of Band C or above by 2030. 

So, how are we doing it? We’re making all sorts of changes, things like replacing windows and doors, upgrading insulation, converting our homes from fossil fuels like oil and gas to low carbon solutions like air source heat pumps and solar panels. And we’re installing smart thermostats and other smart tech to help heat homes in more efficient ways.  

Check out our energy efficiency upgrade projects: 

Homes: Rural 1 bedroom bungalows, 1 bedroom flats and 2-3 bedroom houses with EPC ratings D, E and F.

Investment: £250,000 (£170,000 from Yorkshire Housing, £80,000 from the European Regional Development Fund which was secured by Craven District Council as part of their £1.2 million Zero Carbon Craven scheme) 

Upgrades: air source heat pumps and solar panels 

When: completed in June 2022 

Find out more about our Craven project and here Yorkshire Housing complete £250,000 retrofit project 


Homes: Rural, semi-detached 2-3 bedroom houses with EPC rating E 

Investment: £1.3 million (£1,110,000 from Yorkshire Housing, £190,000 from Wave 1 of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund) 

Upgrades: air source heat pumps, solar panels, external wall insulation, loft insulation top ups, new windows and doors, environmental sensors, ventilation upgrades

When: due to complete in August 2023 

Find out more about our Staxton project