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Building New Homes

Yorkshire Housing has a target of building 3,120 new homes across Yorkshire by 2021, with at least 500 year on year after this point. Our in-house development team identify, plan and build across Yorkshire for rent and sale. There are always new and exciting developments on the horizon. We work with a number of private sector partners, contractors, local councils and Homes England. This page gives you a preview of what’s on the way, what we’ve completed and a chance to contact us with any questions.

On site developments

New Hay Road, Huddersfield

      • Contract Cost: £2.7 million
      • Contract length: 13 months
      • Housing mix: Seven – two beds and 16 – three beds
      • Tenures:   23 Shared Ownership.
      • Partners: 

    Main Contractor: Termrin Construction
    Employers Agent: Michael Dyson
    Architect: Dev Comm
    Homes England

Ripon Road Killinghall

      • Contract Cost: £8.7 Million
      • Contract length: SOS December 2018 Completion summer 2021
      • Housing mix: 73 new homes:
            • 32 – two beds
            • 25 – three beds
            • 10 – four beds
            • six – five beds
            • Tenures: 37 Affordable 36 sales
            • Partners:

          Main Contractor: Strategic Group
          Employers Agent: Savills
          Architect: Edward Architecture
          Homes England funded

  • Complete developments

      Aynham Close, Grassington

      Yorkshire Houisng completed the site in January 2017, bringing a range of new homes and apartments in Grassington.

      • Contract Cost: £2.7 million
      • Contract length: June 2015 to January 2017
      • Houing mix: 22 houses and apartments, a mixture of two and three bedroomed houses, and two bedroomed apartments
      • Tenures: Affordable Rent
      • Partners: 
        • Main Contractor: Brewster & Sons
        • Employers Agent: Bernard William Associates
        • Architect: Bowman Riley Architects
        • Homes England
        • Craven District Council

      Hobstone Court, York

      A mixed tenure site complete in 2016.

      • Contract Cost: £6.7 million
      • Contract length: Completed in the summer of 2016
      • Houing mix: 55 new homes, a mixture of two, three and four and five bedroom houses
      • Tenures: Market Sale, Shared Ownership, Affordable Rent
      • Partners: 
        • Main Contractor: Esh Construction
        • Employers Agent: Bernard William Associates
        • Architect: Bowman Riley Architects
        • Homes England
        • York City Council

      Contact us

          • For more information, or if want to talk us about new land opportunities, contact the development team on 0345 366 4404
          • If you’re interested in homes for sale contact Space Homes on 0113 825 6777 or visit