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16 May 2022

Exploring our communities in Craven, by Steve and Ray

Last month a group of our customers, colleagues and board members hopped on a bus tour trip around our homes and communities in Craven. We organised the trip to see what’s happening on the ground and visit some of our development sites.

We chatted to Steve and Ray, two of our Customer Voice and Review Committee (CVRC) members, who went along.  

So, what did you get up to on the tour? 

We went around Craven, North Yorkshire and got to see some of Yorkshire Housing’s communities in action. We visited a range of different properties including a residential home with 21 self-contained flats, as well as two community spaces.  

We also met the Yorkshire Housing teams working in those areas and find out about what they do. The teams we met were very proud to work at Yorkshire Housing and you could tell they loved helping customers. As well as colleagues, we got to chat with customers living there. It was great to engage with them. 

What did you enjoy most about the day? 

We enjoyed finding out more about community spaces in Craven. It was really interesting to learn how Yorkshire Housing uses these spaces to give local residents somewhere to meet their neighbours, enjoy activities and build a social community.  

We also enjoyed meeting like-minded people who care about customers and their communities. 

It sounds like you’re big fans of our community spaces. Any ideas on how we can use them to help our customers more?  

The community spaces have a lot of potential. We think they would make a good hub for all of the great services Yorkshire Housing offers, like advice, money coaching or anti-social behaviour support.  

We’re always keen to get more people from the community involved in our engagement work. We’d like to use the community spaces to engage with more customers and get them involved in the work we’re doing in the CVRC to improve things for them.  

These are awesome ideas! Thanks for chatting with us, we’re so glad you enjoyed the tour.