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Your annual gas safety check

Help us to service your heating appliances. It’s important we check your appliances to ensure they are safe. Legal action will be taken if we are unable to get access to your property. For more information about Gas Safe registered engineers, please visit the Gas Safe Register website.

Why do I need a free gas safety service?
To avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks, appliances need to be regularly serviced. Carbon monoxide poisoning kills about 14 people every year in the UK and gas leaks can cause dangerous explosions that ruin not only property, but lives. You can read more about gas servicing on the Gas Safety Register website.
How do I know when my gas safety check is due?
You’ll receive a letter with one weeks notice giving details of the appointment date and time. If the appointment is not convenient you will be given the opportunity to rearrange the appointment by calling 0113 825 6500. Gas safety check appointments are available 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We have listened to customers and have expanded times we can be available. We are flexible and can work around you, offering am or pm appointments and limited weekend appointments. Our team can work around school runs to ensure we keep to appointments.
What will happen if I don’t allow Yorkshire Housing access to complete a gas safety check?
As your landlord, by law we have to carry out an annual safety check on our gas fittings installed in your home, even if you do not use gas. Your tenancy agreement states you must allow us to access to your home at all reasonable hours to do the gas safety check. If you repeatedly refuse to co-operate, we’ll make an application for an injunction to the court to force you to give us access to your home. Failure to comply with the injunction could result in a prison sentence. If we do have to do this, we will ask the court to order you to pay all the legal costs. We could seek possession of your home.
What happens at an annual gas safety check?
Your annual gas safety check will cover any gas fittings installed by us. There will also be a visual inspection of any appliances which you own that are fitted to a flue maintained by us (i.e. chimney) and your gas cooker. If we find a faulty appliance or fitting that does not belong to us, we’ll disconnect and advise you to seek help from a qualified Gas Safe Registered installer.
How long does the gas service take?
Depending on the number of appliances, the service will normally take about an hour.
What happens if a gas appliance fails the annual gas safety check?
Our gas engineers will repair or replace the faulty appliance if it belongs to us. Your Landlord’s Gas Safety Record will include details of any repairs completed. It’s an offence to use, or for Yorkshire Housing to allow the use of, a gas appliance known to be unsafe.
How do I know the gas engineer is from Yorkshire Housing?
Yorkshire Housing annual gas safety checkAll our gas engineers wear our corporate uniform and carry an identity card. If you’re in any doubt about the identity of the person calling at your home please call our customer service centre on 0345 366 4404.
I’m not very mobile, will the gas engineer wait for me to get to the door when they call?
We do everything we can to adapt our services to your needs. Please speak with your neighbourhood officer and tell them what difficulties you have. Whether you need letters in your own language or whether you need extra time to get to the door, we’ll make sure your needs are accommodated.
How do I know if a gas engineer is registered?
The Gas Safe Register is the name and official stamp for gas safety in Great Britain. The logo replaces CORGI registration and is mandatory for anyone carrying out gas work. All Gas Safe Registered installers will carry an identification card with this logo. For more information about Gas Safe registered engineers, please visit the Gas Safe Register website.
What if my gas is capped off?
Please give us a call on 0113 825 6500 when you have credit to put in your meter. We’ll arrange a service and un-cap your meter.

If you think you can smell gas

  • Turn off the gas at the meter
  • Open windows
  • Put out naked flames
  • Don’t use electrical switches
  • Call the national grid gas emergency centre on 0800 111999

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