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The health and safety of you (our customers) and our colleagues is of the upmost importance to us. We want to assure you that our priority is to keep you safe by continuing to deliver the services you rely on wherever possible. We will continue to keep you updated through our social media and this dedicated page, where you will find FAQ’s that will help answer your questions and useful links to government advice.

We have created these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) based on the questions you’re asking.

The FAQ’s are being constantly updated in line with government advice. Please keep checking regularly

Paying my Rent & Service Charges




My pay has stopped or reduced completely.  I can’t pay my rent. 

Rent:  We understand that this is a deeply worrying time and you may have concerns about paying your rent.  We want you to know that no customer or shared owner will lose their home as a result of COVID-19.  We are encouraging you to pay your rent as this helps us to continue to provide essential services. If you have concerns about money please don’t worry on your own – speak to us as there are many ways we can help. 

If you have lost your job or been placed on reduced hours due to COVID-19 and you need to adjust when and how you pay we can help you.  Our team of income advisors and money coaches are on hand to listen and offer advice. You can call us on 0345 366 4404 if you need support because you are struggling financially Please be patient if you call as there are currently a lot of customers who need our help due to COVID-19. 

You can also find information about extra financial support from the government here. 



Will my housing benefit still be paid as normal? 

We have had confirmation from the majority of the local authorities we work with that they will be able to continue making payments.  We will keep customers informed of any changes. 


I already owe some rent but now I can’t pay? 

We understand that people’s circumstances are changing rapidly.  We are monitoring advice from the Government and the DWP and we will carry on updating our processes.  


Please contact us if you are worried about being able to maintain your rent payments.  


I can’t go into work but I don’t know whether I’ll get paid. 


The government have announced a range of measures to support people affected by Covid-19. 


These include: 

  • removing the waiting days for people claiming Statutory Sick Pay on Covid-19 related grounds 
  • suspending all face-to-face assessments for disability and sickness claims for three months  
  • removing the minimum income floor for self-employed people in receipt of Universal Credit who are affected by Covid-19  
  • suspending the need to visit the Job Centre to apply for an advance when claiming Universal Credit due to Covid-19 
  • suspending conditionality and sanctions for people affected by Covid-19 


Where additional measures have been introduced, they cover people: 

  • self-isolating in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19; 
  • infected by Covid-19; 
  • caring for a child or qualifying young person who falls into either category above. 


We would advise anyone needing more information to visit the following link here  

I always pay my rent at the post office, what will happen if that closes? 


We have a variety of different ways that you can pay your rent if you’re not able to carry on with your normal payment method.  We are working with Allpay, our payment provider, to make sure we can continue to provide you with an efficient service.  


The full range of payment options is available here.   


My business has closed and I don’t know whether I’ll get paid 

The Government has announced the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme that will enable your employer to pay you up to 80% of your wages up to £2,500 per month.  Your employer can choose to pay the other 20% themselves but that is not compulsory.  More details are still being worked on around the scheme but it can be backdated to March 1st if you haven’t been paid.  It is reliant on your employer making the claim for the grant. 


Repairs & Improvements




I had a repair which was due to be done next week.  Will you still be coming? 

Emergency repairs only: We can only carry out emergency repairs. This would include problems with heating, hot water or burst pipes. Please only contact us if it is a genuine emergency and needs someone to come to your home. This reduces the risk to you and your family of having us in your home while the government’s social distancing guidelines are in place.  

All other repairs which you had booked with us will be delayed. You do not need to contact us about this – we will contact you to reschedule this as soon as the current restrictions have been lifted.   

We will continue to carry out essential safety checks to our homes, including gas servicing. We will ask if you are self-isolating or have COVID-19 symptoms so we can keep you and our colleagues safe.   


What do I do if I have an emergency?  For example a burst pipe or no power? 

If you have an emergency you will be advised by a customer services colleague how to make safe your home.  A burst pipe, loss of power, heating and/or hot water (where your boiler is the sole source of heat and hot water) will be classed as an emergency.  


If you are displaying symptoms of the Coronavirus infection please let us know when you contact us. This will enable us to plan how to carry out the repair whilst also keeping our staff safe.   


If you are selfisolating because you or a family member is unwell or you are in one of the higher risk groupsthen we will need to plan with you how best to carry out the repair.  This will be in full accordance with recommendations from Public Health England. 

I’m due to have a new kitchen fitted later this year.  Will it still be fitted? 

We have had to temporarily stop our programme of improvements, including new kitchens and bathrooms. This is because we would have to spend time in your home, which would be against public health and government advice. 



Environmental Services


You are not cleaning my block.  Do I still have to pay my service charges? 

These charges are being reviewed because we are offering reduced services. We will let you know what this means for what you have to pay. 

Will you still be carrying out environmental works? 

We have temporarily stopped our environmental programme (fencing, pathways, grass cutting and painting). This is because of the new guidance on limiting journeys to work and travel. The government has promised to review these guidelines in three weeks and we will also review this in the light of their advice. 



My Support




I am older and not able to go out/I have additional needs – can you help me?  

If you are over 70, living in one of our sheltered or extra care schemes or have additional support needs, we will be looking at ways of helping you to stay safe and cope in your home 

We are aiming to contact as many customers as possible in these groups over the next few days to see if there are ways we can help and support you.  


Will there still be support available if I need help with my tenancy or with employment? 

Yes, the Tenancy Coach team will continue to take referrals and support customers. Get in touch and we can talk things through with you over the phone. 

Will there still be support available if I need help with my money or benefits? 

Yes, the Money Coach team will continue to take referrals and support customers. Again, get in touch as soon as possible. 

If I am already being supported by the Money and Coach teams will this continue? 

Yes, Money and Tenancy Coaches will continue to support you via phone calls. 


My Community




Can I access activities going on at Yorkshire Housing Community Centres and Communal Rooms?  

In line with the Government guidance we have closed all Community Centres and Communal Rooms until further notice. 

Can I still use the laundry facility at my community centre? 

Yes, for the time being, though we advise users to follow Government social distancing guidelines and ensure that only one person use the facilities at a time.  


My Home




I’ve been offered a home can I still move in? 

We are unable to let any homes currently; this is because we are unable to complete safety checks to keep you safe.  If you have been offered a home we will be in touch to ask if you would like to wait until we can give you the keys. 


If you are concerned about an empty home in your area, please get in touch. 

I’m due to hand my keys in but I need to extend my notice. 

We are contacting all of our customers who were due to leave their homes, we are happy to extend your tenancy until you are ready.  If you have any questions, please give us a call. 

I want to do a mutual exchange 

We are unable to process any mutual exchanges at the moment.  We have contacted all customers who have already applied.  You can still apply to exchange and we will be in touch as soon as we are able to come and visit you.  Please do not exchange prior to permission being granted.  

My neighbour is playing loud music its really annoying me.  Can you sort it out? 

Yes, we can still deal with neighbour nuisance. For many nuisance complaints we already deal with them over the phone.  We have a new noise App which allows you to record incidents and send them directly to us.   


I am waiting for someone to come and visit me about a problem in my neighbourhood, when will they come? 

At this time we won’t be able to visit you at home.  We can still discuss things over the phone with you and record any information you give us. 


Unfortunately we are unable to take action where people are choosing to leave their home despite Government advice.  The Police have been given additional powers to deal with this. 


The various ways to contact us are available here