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Grass Cutting Service – Website News

Yorkshire Housing is due to restart grass cutting services from this week.

The service will be provided in a way that is safe for both colleagues and customers under the current COVID-19 lockdown.

This will be a grass cutting service only at first.

This is because collecting the cuttings and emptying the grass collectors requires out team to work closely together and they would not be able to follow the social distancing guidelines.

Many other housing associations and local authorities have now also resumed their grass cutting services as a cut-only service.

And, as we had to stop the service for several weeks to allow us to consider how to safely provide it, the grass is now too long for our normal machines, so some heavier equipment will be brought in to help.

Jayne Eyre, Yorkshire Housing’s head of health, safety and compliance, said: “The safety of our colleagues and customers is at the heart of all decisions made about restarting services.


“Yorkshire Housing teams will follow social distancing guidelines at all times with each other and customers. However, because of the machinery used and safety reasons, it’s important that colleagues don’t work alone.


“We know how much customers value their outdoor spaces and this is especially important for walks and getting fresh air during lockdown.


“We are pleased we can start maintaining our outdoor spaces again.”

To help our teams work safely, we would also ask that you follow social distancing guidelines if you see our teams out and about in your neighbourhood.

Yorkshire Housing have more than 500 sites that now need grass cutting due to the service being suspended at the start of the pandemic.

It is expected the grass will be cut at all the sites by the first week in June.

We will continue to review the services we can offer based on the latest government guidelines.

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