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Yorkshire Housing has achieved a new Neighbourhoods Accreditation from the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH).

Over the past 18 months we’ve been at the forefront of a sector leading project to improve neighbourhood working. The project called ‘Working together to maximise impact in neighbourhoods’ was facilitated by the CIH consultancy.

The project involved ten other housing organisations who share experiences and learn from each other. It means they’re in a much better position to target services to the right areas.

Yorkshire Housing’s head of neighbourhoods Nadhia Kahn, who took part in the project said: “Receiving external accreditation provides evidence that over the last few years a lot of good work has been put into the service. It shows that the best way of improving services to customers is by collaborating with teams from across the business. It will enable us to target our resources where they are needed most. And it’s already paying dividends in decisions on where to invest.”

CIH consultancy senior associate Dave Smethurst, said: “Yorkshire Housing have a strong neighbourhood approach designed to focus on making the best use of their resources. Through neighbourhood planning they divide their homes into local areas which helps prioritise places to look at. Then data provided by staff, customers and from other sources undergoes sophisticated analysis to inform investment decisions. I know their proactive approach to asset management will be of interest to many in the sector, especially if they work across local authorities.”