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Yorkshire Housing has raised nearly £350 so far for the Alzheimer’s Society by holding an interactive online quiz inspired by the TV game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Chief executive Nick Atkin hosted the event with colleagues on Wednesday evening – which featured ​fun, banter, controversy and a tense tie-break decider after two teams finished level.

The total raised reached £340 today (Friday), with Nick contributing £150 of that on behalf of Yorkshire Housing.

The housing association’s social committee organised the quiz after hearing that service design lead Rebecca Farrell-Greenhalgh, who finished on the winning team, has a relative with early onset dementia.

A PowerPoint slide presentation was created in the style of the famous TV show and shared online for three teams of participants.

But there were a few twists on the original format, with no fastest finger first and no drops in “money” won. Cash was safe in the bank after each correct answer.

There was controversy when one of the teams, Chris Tarrant’s Trivia Tycoons, was wrongly eliminated having given the correct answer to a question about Scottish poet Robert Burns.

The team, led by infrastructure support analyst Adrian Hooks, appealed to quiz master Hayley Pennock and they were allowed to restart from where they left off.

In between, there was much hilarious banter among the competing teams in an online chat forum.

But the reinstatement was the turning point in the game as Chris Tarrant’s Trivia Tycoons roared back to only lose the competition in a thrilling tie-break.

They finished level on £32,000 with Charles Ingram’s Coughing Crusaders.

Captained by ICT service development manager Lauren Hemmings, Charles Ingram’s Coughing Crusaders gambled on a £64,000 question about which land in the Bible is east of Eden.

There much amusing debate about whether it really could be the Land of Nod, the correct answer which was thought to be too obvious, but they eventually plumped for Nazareth and exited the contest.

Chris Tarrant’s Trivia Tycoons came back from the earlier controversy to also reach the £64,000 question, which this time was about flags.

But they were foxed by which emblem out of Germany, Romania, Russian and Hungary has horizontal stripes.

The game was decided on a tie-break in which Chris Tarrant’s Trivia Tycoons went first and faced a mythology question about which creature sprang from the blood of Medusa.

They did not get the right answer, Pegasus, which set up Charles Ingram’s Coughing Crusaders with a chance to win.

They correctly named Mastermind as being the TV show that was first broadcast in the 1970s to win the competition.

The other options were ‘Til Death Do Us Part, Dad’s Army and Doctor Who.

The winners, who were Lauren and Rebecca plus data and performance manager Naomi Green and development project manager Sue Missin, will receive a prize of chocolate coins.

Feedback from all the participants in the quiz, which was a trial run using video conferencing technology, was positive.

It had been organised with the aim of promoting wellbeing and social interaction among colleagues who are now mostly working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic while also doing good for a worthy cause.

The social committee are now considering which other TV game show formats can be repurposed for future interactive charity events.

Nick Atkin

Yorkshire Housing chief executive Nick Atkin (pictured above) hosted the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire-style quiz. 

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