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While we’ve been busy setting Yorkshire Housing’s company goals to lower carbon emissions, our team are getting in on the action too!

Our Business Analyst Emma Bremner has set her own environmental off grid plans for the future. And as the heat wave continues, Emma is making good use of the weather by running her work equipment off solar.

A small solar power pack has been set up for phone charging and a much needed fan, with a bigger solar panel and 12v battery powering everything else she needs to go about her working day.

Alongside her newly re-imagined office environment, Emma has had a carbon neutral biomass boiler installed, an electric vehicle point installed, and has planted over 1000 trees. Not to mention the amazing wildflower garden planning that’s currently taking place, giving plenty of bee hives a new home next year.

For Emma, her passion for the environment comes down to lessons for her children: “I want to make sure I’m doing something to contribute to reducing the impact on the environment and climate, with my children learning how to be resourceful.

“By utilising solar, even in just small projects at a time, like my work equipment or our outside lights, it’s a learning tool for myself and children to be more efficient and more aware of what power we use and when.

“I’m expecting their gaming laptops to also be linked to the solar.

“It’s all about keeping it simple – one small window box, one wild bird nest box, one portable solar unit with USB to power your phone charging are all positive things to do and can be done within the vicinity of where you work.”