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The latest Customer Voice Panel focused on performance measures and getting an insight into what matters most to you.

We want to provide a quarterly performance report that contains information that interests our customers. It’s really useful for us to know what performance measures you would be interested in hearing about as it helps us focus our information.

The three most popular choices – customer satisfaction with repairs, average number of days to complete a repair and number of complaints and compliments – will be reported on every quarter along with three other performance figures that will change every quarter.

The first report will be out soon, so keep an eye out for this on our website.

As every performance measure received some interest, the full results are below.

Your Say Data

The following shows the percentage of respondents and the area of performance they’d like to see reports on:

82% wanted to see Customer satisfaction with repairs

65% Average number of days to complete repairs

62% Number of complaints and compliments

60% Number of antisocial behaviour cases tackled

58% Percentage of repairs completed on time

50% Percentage of repairs fixed first time

48% Percentage of repair appointments kept

45% Percentage of complaints handled within timescales

43% Satisfaction with our handling of antisocial behaviour cases

33% Customers supported into employment

32% Number of homes let

30% Average days to let a property

30% Number of calls answered by customer services centre

28% Customers supported into training

25% Customers supported into self-employment

Below are suggestions from respondents about what they would like to see us report on.

  1. The number of repairs in which parts of a lower specification than the original parts were used, and the reasons why this was done.

Unfortunately this is not something that we record. When we do repairs we use parts that meet the required standards in place at the time, including British Standards as well as our own Yorkshire Housing standards. If you have any concerns about a specific repair you can contact our Customer Service Centre on 0345 366 4404.

  1. Notification when neighbourhood officers change so residents are aware, and more contact from neighbourhood officers.

This is not something that we would include in a performance report but we appreciate that communication is important. That’s why we are feeding back the results of this survey. Yorkshire Housing is going through a transformation at the moment, so this is not something we would be able to provide at present. However once the transformation is complete we will look at the information that is provided on our website.

  1. The number of planned statutory visits and non-statutory visits due and completed on time.

This is not something that we currently report on. We record the number of some visits and whether they were completed on time, such as gas safety, but we do not record the total numbers of all visits and whether they were all completed on time.

  1. The percentage of staff sickness and days lost due to staff sickness.

This is an internal business measure that is not something we would report on externally, and is also not something that we share with the Customer Services Committee. If you feel that a service has been impacted and that this might be due to staff sickness, please get in touch on 0345 366 4404 to let us know about how the service has been affected.

  1. The areas that are having new bathrooms installed and the standard of showers used.

This is not something that we would report on in a performance report, however if you would like to know when your property is due to have investment work, such as a new kitchen or bathroom, you can contact the Customer Service Centre on 0345 366 4404.

  1. Over-parking.

Unfortunately, we do not keep records of parking issues so we would not be able to report on this.

  1. Recognition of the help neighbours provide to others.

We recently welcomed nominations from customers for a good neighbour award. Nominations were open from June until mid-September. This is something we do annually and is promoted on our website and social media, among other places.

  1. The number and percentage of empty properties by area and month, which are available to let and which are waiting to be available to let.

Yes, this is something we can provide. It would be broken down into ‘lettable voids’, which means empty properties that are available to let or that are having some minor repairs before they are available to let, and ‘unlettable voids’ which are empty properties that need major repairs, a new kitchen, or are waiting to be sold, or other work along these lines.

  1. The number of referrals to the benefit and money advice team that reached a satisfactory case resolution.

Although we record the number of referrals and the number of closed cases, we do not record satisfaction with the outcome of this support. We are currently devising a survey to use at the end of support from the benefit and money advice team to measure satisfaction that will be piloted in the future.

  1. The demographic of those who rent properties.

Yes, this is something we can provide.

  1. Satisfaction with neighbourhood officers.

Unfortunately this is not something that we record.

We send surveys to our Customer Voice Panel every other month. If you’d like to get involved you can sign up here. Not only will you make your voice heard you’ll also be able to earn points which can be put towards high street shopping vouchers.