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Steve is one of our customers and the Climate Change Champion on our Customer Voice and Review Committee (CVRC). He also recently took part in the Northern Housing Consortium’s Social Housing Tenants’ Climate Jury 

I was recently invited to be a member of the Climate Change Jury. The jury was made up of 30 customers from five housing associations in the North of England. It included all age, social, and ethnic groups. There were six of us from Yorkshire Housing. 

The idea behind the jury was to get an all-round understanding of how housing associations can work with each other, their customers and local communities, to combat climate change.  

When we began the jury, I noticed a difference in how much we knew about climate change. It was very mixed, ranging from very little knowledge to a large amount. I think this is because housing associations haven’t shared much information about climate change and their plans to tackle it in the past.  

Over several weeks and ten three-hour meetings, we took part in presentations and Q&A sessions with experts from different fields on climate change. We got the chance to ask questions and by the end of it, we’d all learnt a lot and were on the same level of understanding. 

Based on what we learnt, we worked together to come up with 19 recommendations for housing associations on how we can tackle climate change together. We came up with lots of ideas but agreed on a final set of recommendations which we shared with the sector. Hopefully the recommendations that we didn’t share will be taken into consideration in the future.  

Climate change is a long-term project, but we have to get it right. There won’t be an opportunity to go back to the drawing board and start again. It’s our responsibility to get our voices heard by the people who make decisions on this important and life-changing subject.  

I hope the jury will become a regular event and that customers will be kept up-to-date with what the housing sector is doing to combat climate change. 

I’d urge you and your family and friends to read report. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to email 

Read the Social Housing Tenants’ Climate Jury report here.

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