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Yorkshire Housing, which manages the Swarcliffe Estate in east Leeds, has organised a birdhouse building event to keep the kids busy this half-term. The event will take place on Thursday 15 February between 10am and 1pm by Cock Beck on Langbar Close.

The event is part of a wider scheme to beautify the area as Spring approaches, with the bird boxes encouraging wildlife to make the beck their home. It is hoped that by asking local children to get involved in the event, it will inspire them to buy into the project to improve the environment around the beck.

Participants will be given all the necessary materials and knowhow to make a bird box which they can put up in the trees which run along the beck and a bird feeder to take home. Working with the team from the River Stewardship Company this free event is open to all, however children must be accompanied by an adult.

Hellen Hornby, communities manager for the River Stewardship Company said: “We’ve been working around the beck for over a year now, including clearing out the stream and hosting interesting events to engage with locals, all of which have helped to improve the Beck for local residents and reduce flood risk.”

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