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Yorkshire Housing’s Home Improvement Agencies (HIAs) covering Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham support people to keep warm during cold weather. The service also gives energy efficiency help, advice and practical means to keep fuel bills down.

When homeowner Wendy Hiles from Stocksbridge in Sheffield found herself without heating or water she called the HIA service and went on to benefit from having a new boiler installed, just before the winter ‘beast from the east’ freezing cold weather.

Yorkshire Housing’s HIA needs, advice and support officer Judith Preston worked with Wendy and said:

“Wendy contacted us with concerns about her heating and wanted some advice and guidance. When I went to see her she didn’t have any heating or hot water. The weather was cold and posing a real risk to her health.

“I made an assessment and provided support to find numerous charities that Wendy was eligible to apply for funding from. All together we were able to raise over £2,000 needed to get a new boiler installed.”

Judith also ensured Wendy was in receipt of her Warm Home energy discount and on a reasonable energy tariff. We provided a free carbon monoxide monitor along with advice on how to use it and raise awareness of the danger signs of co2 poisoning.

Wendy said: “Thank you for all the help in getting the heating right. It felt great to be able have a bath with running hot water. Thanks to Judith who was really supportive.”

Judith added: “We work closely with other agencies and charities to enable us to support people to stay warm, well and independent. We still have funding until the end of June 2018 in Rotherham and Barnsley, with further funds allocated to Sheffield.

“If your boiler or gas fire is due a service, or you need a boiler replacement, or repair, please call us to check and see if you’re eligible for support. It applies to homeowners as well as social housing tenants. This will ensure your appliances are safe and working efficiently.

“To find out more contact us on 0114 256 4270 or see our HIA services.”