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A new strategy launched by the Yorkshire Housing community investment team sets out how they will help our customers to gain employment, start their own business and get involved in other activities up until 2020. It aims to assist as many customers as possible to be empowered and independent, allowing them to sustain their tenancy, maximise income and share the great skills and experience they already have.

Customers will be supported into a wide range of activities which include: employment; a better job; starting/developing customer businesses; volunteering and training.

There are a number of targets in the strategy that include:

  • Empower and develop 1,000 customers into employment, training, volunteering and self-employment by 2020.
  • Support at least 300 customers into jobs and better jobs by 2020.
  • Help at least 300 customers into self-employment by 2020.
  • Support at least 300 customers into training and 100 customers into volunteering by 2020.

James Haigh, community investment manager, Yorkshire Housing said:

“This far reaching strategy sets out how we will give support to our customers, both individually and collectively in their communities to be empowered to live independently. It outlines how we will achieve this up until 2020.”

The strategy also outlines how Yorkshire Housing will be working in communities with key partners to build capacity and address the neighbourhood strategy priorities. It aims to build individual and community resilience, reduce isolation and work with customers of the future.

Read the Community Investment Strategy