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Saving water in your home is a simple way for you to play your part in helping the environment. Using less water in our homes means that we have to take less water from our rivers, reservoirs and ground water sources, and spend valuable energy treating it to make it safe to drink.

Because we have to pay for the water that we use, saving water can also help us to save money. Yorkshire Water have come up with lots of ideas on how to save water in your home and garden.

Water Meters

Some householders can save money by having a water meter installed, which means that you only pay for the amount of water that you actually use rather than paying a fixed amount. On average, customers with water meters save 5-10% on their water bill after having the meter installed. Not all households will save money; however, if you have more bedrooms in your house than people, it is likely that you will save money.

Water meters are installed free of charge by the water companies. For more information about whether you can save money by having a meter installed, visit the Yorkshire Water website.

Dripping Taps and Water Leaks

If you spot a dripping tap or a water leak in your house, then arrange to have it repaired as quickly as possible. If you need to report a repair at your home, please use our online repair reporting tool..

Water Butts

Installing a water butt in your garden is an easy way to collect rain water to use to water your garden or wash your car. For more information about purchasing a reduced price water butt, visit the Yorkshire Water website.

Toilet Flushsaver

Yorkshire Water also provide free Flushsavers to their customers. The devices are really easy to use and save up to 3 litres of water every time the toilet is flushed. Flushsaver may not be suitable for use with your toilet if it has a dual flush, as it may prevent the toilet from flushing effectively.