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Our hub, home and roam approach means team meetings can take place anywhere! The Money Coaching team met up at Indian Muslim Welfare Society and had a tour of the Masjid Noor-ul-Islam mosque in Batley. They also enjoyed a delicious biryani and samosa lunch from a local caterer.

The day was organised by money coach Soyab Karolia who wanted to share his faith with his colleagues and increase understanding of the communities we serve. Soyab is one of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion champions. He said:

“During inclusion week our team talked about diversity and ways we can improve our understanding of the community we serve. They were keen to learn and were interested to know more about my background.

“I suggested holding our next team meeting at one of my local community centres and offered to take them to a mosque. As an added bonus I suggested having a culturally inspired lunch. The response I got was great, most of the team had never been inside a mosque or a BAME community centre.

It was good to hold a meeting in the community – hub, home and roam encourages this. Before it was all too easy to just have catch ups at the office. Being out and about brings teams together and helps our understanding of our customers, the local community and our colleagues.

“We ended up spending longer in the mosque than we’d planned as everyone wanted to know more and there were lots of questions.

“Our diversity and differences are something we should be able to talk freely about and be open and share, so this was great. I’ve always felt I can be myself at Yorkshire Housing.”

 Money coach Libbi Debnam said:

“I really enjoyed the day. Everybody was so welcoming and informative.

“The thing that really stood out for me is how much charitable work the Indian Muslim Welfare Society do for both the community and also worldwide. This could be really beneficial to our tenants in the area who don’t know where to go to for support.

“I was also really impressed around the work they had done around the COVID vaccines and what they are trying to push for breast screening. There was a lot of passion behind these projects which I found very admirable. ”

Money coach Laurence Carr added:

“I thought working from the IMWS was great. It was very interesting to hear about the history of the organisation, why it was set up, and the help they provide to both local and international people that are in need.

“The visit to the masjid was a highlight of the day for me as I haven’t been to a mosque since I was a child. Our host made us feel very welcome and was happy to answer any questions we had. It was great to get to understand how important the mosque is to the local community. I felt that it’s a space where all people are welcomed and can share knowledge and faith amongst one another.

“I am looking forward to working from the IMWS and visiting the Masjid again.”