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Back in 2015, Yorkshire Housing tenants Sharon and Michael McIntyre of Wakefield, setup a greeting card design and print business called Zee Bees.

Based from their home, Sharon works on the design of the cards and Michael on the print and distribution. This small but perfectly formed team originally started selling has on eBay.

When they decided that they wanted to grow their business they approached the business enterprise team at Yorkshire Housing.

Enter Sheila Mcfee, a business enterprise coach at Yorkshire Housing; she worked with the McIntyre’s to help expand the eBay store into a thriving e-commerce business. She also helped to set up new online shops on Amazon and Etsy. These changes have led to an impressive increase in monthly sales with figures going from £800 to £8000.

The Zee Bees duo are now busy expanding their customer base in new markets, like a local hospital maternity ward. Sharon said: “We’re lucky to have the on-going support from Sheila our enterprise coach. Having someone to advise us and see how we can improve has been invaluable.”

Sheila said: ““It’s been an amazing experience working with Zee Bees and watching their business grow. This is a great example of the support we offer. We’re here to help Yorkshire Housing customers develop their businesses of any shape or size.”