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Yorkshire Housing’s environmental services team and Bradford’s Youth Association have helped young people spruce up an area of grassland to give them somewhere safe to play.

Over the summer the group set about fixing up the patch of land near Withins Close in Bradford by clearing up the vegetation and rubbish that had built up in the area. The plan was to divert young people away from playing football on the road and between parked cars, which was dangerous and caused problems for residents. The work is part of a wider plan of continuing community action work by the Youth Association.

Yorkshire Housing community investment officer Charlotte Woollard and neighbourhood officer Harry Manford said a big thank you to environmental services team manager Andy Lillywhite, team leader Lee Rowley and team members Joel Parker and Richard Hall for their time and effort in helping out the group.

The environmental services team brought in equipment to help finish clearing the area making it easier for the young people and others to maintain. Charlotte said:

“Residents and customers were keen for the area to be used by young people as a safe and greener alternative to playing among the parked cars on the street. Harry the neighbourhood officer received several complaints about balls damaging cars and other property over the summer, so this was a way of helping to give the young people a better place to play.”

A number of clean-ups were organised with help from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, The Youth Association and Bradford Council’s ward officer for the area. And now the result is a widely-used area for young people to play safely and freely. Charlotte added:

“This collaborative working approach helped speed things up considerably and was much appreciated by customers and by other services active in the area.”