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Providing an excellent repairs service is important to us.  Between April and June of 2018 we achieved many of our repairs targets, we fixed 81 per cent of repairs at the first visit and kept 99.5 per cent of appointments. However we’re still doing plenty of work to further improve our performance.

So what are we doing? We’re running workshops for colleagues on prioritising repairs as emergency, urgent, or routine repairs. This means that we deal with your repairs at the right time, and make sure we get the worst problems fixed as quickly as possible.

We’ve previously found work shadowing to be a really good way of helping our contact centre colleagues understand customer repairs better. Over the summer months our contact centre colleagues went out and about with our front line operatives again, seeing repairs first hand.

We’ll also be increasing the amount of feedback that goes to our contact centre colleagues on specific examples of misdiagnosis of your repair, and incorrect prioritisation.

All of our teams are working together to make sure your repair gets sorted quickly and correctly. Even with good performance we’re not resting on our laurels