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Imagine getting out of the house is a struggle due to a recent accident or hip replacement.

Or maybe you’ve a hearing impairment and feel lonely or unsafe because you’ve got no way of speaking to family or hearing a smoke alarm.

Don’t worry – Yorkshire Housing is the organisation you can turn to for help that makes life easier.

The housing association helps people maintain their independence, dignity and security through its three Home Improvement Agencies (HIAs).

And Trevor Enderwick (pictured below) is one of the friendly, caring staff who can give support when you need it.

Trevor, 57, is a handyperson based at Yorkshire Housing’s Stockton HIA and he covers area including Stockton-on-Tees, Yarm and Billingham.

He does a variety of DIY tasks aimed at keeping people independent in their own homes for as long as possible.

Handyperson services range from fitting key safes and bathroom seats to adapting external steps with platforms.

You don’t have to be a tenant – these services are available to those in need through different avenues.

The main categories are those aged over 60 plus disabled people of any age and anyone who might be classed as vulnerable.

Trevor said: “A lot of our work is with elderly customers, but they can be any age and in any circumstances.


“In one case, I fitted a bannister for a little girl and it was very emotional to be there with her parents and watch her climb the stairs for the first time on her own.”

Some cases comes through social services contracts via referrals from occupational therapists.

Other work is through hospitals or other settings where, for example, someone has had an operation and can’t return home until their property has been adapted.

Yorkshire Housing’s other two HIAs, covering parts of North and South Yorkshire, offer similar handyperson services.

These are for smaller DIY jobs around the home that might be more difficult for someone to do due to age, disability or ill health.

Customers sometimes find they can get help under social service contracts that they didn’t know they qualified for.

And for those in the Stockton-on-Tees area who are not eligible for a free annual visit, we offer services on a self-paying basis.

Trevor Enderwick

Trevor has worked for Yorkshire Housing for nearly three years and is also a qualified heating engineer.

He takes pride in building a rapport with customers to put them at ease over changes that can be a worry.

Trevor works with sensory teams to fit, for example, special baby monitors for deaf parents that flash and vibrate when a child cries.

Another example is a looped telephone system that can be answered through a hearing aid.

And Trevor knows how hard things can be sometimes for older people due to having elderly parents himself.

He said: “Getting older isn’t nice, but there’s lots of things we can do and customers have always been really appreciative.


“If someone’s on their own and lonely, and you’ve given them a lifeline that enables them to ring a family member or friend, then that’s priceless.”

Call 01642 353529 to find out how the Stockton HIA can help you or see our website at: