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This is John’s entrance hall, as photographed through his letterbox by Neighbourhood Officer, Lee Kennedy. The stairs to his main living area are somewhere to the left at the end.

John has over 3 feet of newspapers, televisions, boxes and clothes to clamber over when he comes and goes from his flat. We believe John has health and emotional problems that results in him ‘hoarding’ and filling up his flat. He was also evading contact with Lee, not wanting people inside his home or to confront any problems. John’s tenancy was obviously at risk as the condition of his property was a major tenancy breach. Of more pressing concern is the need to gain access to check the electrics and gas appliances.

Lee and the Antisocial Behaviour Manager Adam prepared a ‘DIY’ Injunction to seek access to John’s home for not just this summer but for the lifetime of his tenancy. Lee is also planning for a broader campaign involving social services, the Community Mental Health Team and John himself to clear out the flat and return it to a safe and habitable state. This is likely to involve issuing John with eviction proceedings.