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Giuseppe, a Yorkshire Housing customer, attended the building and tenant safety website focus group in Leeds on 25 January 19. The session was to discuss the safety information we provide on our website.

Giuseppe said “I attended the building and tenant safety website focus group and found it to be of great interest. I enjoyed meeting other tenants and sharing views and ideas with them and some of the management.


“I am aware that not all suggestions can make it to implementation; but I strongly believe that sessions like this do evoke some level of change in a positive way. It can even be that our ideas stimulate management to new ideas and strategies that we did not even think of at the session. It is an ongoing work in process. The website is a perfect example of this; the truth is it will never be completed as it will be always evolving and improving.


“We all have an idea of how we want to improve things as tenants. Yorkshire Housing are inviting you to share your views and ideas by joining the Customer Voice Panel. From online surveys to attending focus groups, you can be certain your points of view will be heard and given serious consideration.


“You also earn points on the Customer Voice Panel that can be exchanged for shopping vouchers.”

Find out more about the Customer Voice Panel.