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Yorkshire Housing’s Home Improvement Agency (HIA) Barnsley Stay Put service helps vulnerable people to live independently, safely and comfortably in their own homes. It is offering help and assistance for vulnerable people to keep well and warm this winter. 

The service partners with the Gas Safe fund and can provide financial assistance of up to £200 per household to help people in the colder months. 

Anyone struggling to heat their homes because of the costs of maintaining their gas boilers and appliances can access the funding. It covers gas servicing, repairs and checks to improve energy efficiency.  

Thousands of people in Barnsley are living in fuel poverty and find it hard to heat their homes, which can lead to health problems if, particularly for the elderly and vulnerable.

Yorkshire Housing’s HIA Margaret Richardson said: “Living in a damp, cold home can cause many health problems. There’s the risk of respiratory illnesses, such as asthma as well as the negative effect on mental health.

 “At this coldest part of the year, we want to support people to keep their homes warm. I urge anyone struggling to heat their home this winter to get in touch and find out what support is available to them. We have funding available from the Gas Safe fund available until 31 May to help those most in need.

 “Please contact the team on 0114 256 4270 or see our website for details.”