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As the region’s biggest developer of affordable homes, we’re backing a report which has revealed that the average full-time worker in Yorkshire and the Humber needs a staggering 64 per cent pay rise to afford a mortgage.

According to the National Housing Federation study, those earning any less than £39,811 a year are now priced out of buying a home in the local area.

A combination of low wages, above-average unemployment rates and job insecurity is resulting in an acute housing crisis in the area.

We own and manages more than 18,000 properties across the region and have ambitious plans to provide 3,000 new homes over the next three years, making us the largest developing housing association operating solely in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Housing chief executive Mervyn Jones said: “This report shows that there are many families across the region struggling to find a home to meet their needs. The only way to tackle this crisis is to build more homes for people to rent or buy. To make sure everyone is catered for, this must include support to help people onto the housing ladder and affordable homes to rent.

“We have committed to providing 3,000 new homes across the region over the next three years to give more people the opportunity to live in a quality home they can afford. We’re pleased that the government is publishing its White Paper next week which will look at solutions to address the housing crisis.”

Between 2011 and 2015, there were over 37,000 too few homes built across the Yorkshire and the Humber region to keep up with demand, while growing cities, like Sheffield and Leeds alone were 7,000 homes short.

You can see the full report at