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The Yorkshire Housing Home Improvement Agency (HIA) in Craven is working with Craven District Council and North Yorkshire Police to improve home security.

A recent spate of burglaries have occurred where the locks fitted to UPVC doors were wholly inadequate, they took just seconds to remove and allowed easy access to properties.

A fund operated by Safer Craven will support free home security improvements for anyone already a victim of burglary or for anyone whose locks are inadequate. This funding is available for a limited time to help make Craven homes become safer and make residents feel more secure.

Craven District Council Community Safety Officer Stacey Reffin said:

“I manage funding provided by the Police Crime Commissioner which supports this home security initiative. Yorkshire Housing’s HIA will provide safety advice and equipment to those that own their own property or who rent. I hope this funding will allow people to feel safer in their homes and act as a deterrent to those targeting our area.”

Yorkshire Housing’s Home Improvement Agency manager Tony Johnson said:

“In partnership with Craven District Council and North Yorkshire Police we are working to provide improved security in the home and support people who are most likely to be targeted by criminals for theft, burglaries, distraction burglaries and bogus callers.

“Our skilled handy person service will fit a free range of security features, such as bolts and locks, as well as window and door alarms. More information about our services are available on our website or calling 0345 366 4404.”

Yorkshire Housing HIA will install these security measures across the Craven area. The fund runs until 31 March 2018 and runs on a first come first serve basis.