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Deborah was going through a difficult time a few years ago and needed help to organise her finances. She contacted Yorkshire Housing’s benefits advisors and they gave her the support she needed. Deborah said:

“The work that they do in Yorkshire Housing, they answer people promptly and efficiently. They have been very good. I got into problems with money and stuff for a period of time. The financial advisors were amazing. It was so complex, there were so many different issues and they sorted it all out. I had problems with alcohol and got into financial troubles. The women who helped me were really good and helped me through a hard time in my life. They were such a good sense of support. It was really amazing.”

Deborah said she doesn’t meet people who might think differently of those living in social housing and she’s in a good community. “I have not found much stigma. The neighbours know me and it gives you a sense of stability. I like to be able to go out the door and say hello to people.”