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Shortly after graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a degree in Psychology, Laura found it difficult to find the right graduate role. In order to gain some vocational experience, Laura took a voluntary role with Yorkshire Housing where she worked alongside the community investment team to promote educational opportunities to customers.

Working across Yorkshire, Laura attended fairs and events promoting the community investment team’s offering and other opportunities for Yorkshire Housing customers to develop their skills.

Yorkshire Housing also helped Laura to find voluntary work with the NHS as a health champion, promoting health and wellbeing at various events. Having built a good base of voluntary experience, Laura was referred to the employment and enterprise team and quickly attended three meetings with her employment coach Imran. Together they worked on her CV, cover letters for various roles and finally interview preparation.

Imran and Laura’s endeavours were soon rewarded and she was offered a role as a health and wellbeing coach with a housing association, where she was quickly promoted to a support worker and rewarded with a three thousand pounds salary increase.

Since, Laura has thrived and has continued to develop and grow along her career path. Imran has always stayed in touch and remains on hand for advice and guidance. Laura was recently given the opportunity to attend the Women in Housing conference at Yorkshire Housing.

Laura’s most recent move up the ladder of the housing association saw her receive a £4,500 salary increase, meaning since working with the community investment team, Laura has earned an almost £10,000 salary increase.

Laura said: “Imran has been and continues to be a great help to me, it’s fantastic to have someone on my side and I appreciate everything he’s helped with. I urge any Yorkshire Housing customers to contact the community investment team – they really could change your life.”

*Laura’s name has been changed as she preferred to remain anonymous

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