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Dean’s story with the Yorkshire Housing community investment team starts back in January 2016 when he received a promotional letter from the team promoting their services. Dean had been working full-time as a forklift truck driver for eight years at this point but he was struggling to make ends meet on minimum wage and he was beginning to slip behind on his rent.

Having reached out to Yorkshire Housing, Dean was contacted by employment coach Imran Hussain, who organised to meet with him one evening after work to discuss his options. Starting with an up-to-date, well-written and modern CV and cover letter, Dean set about job hunting. By using Imran’s considerable knowledge for support, he was able to be smarter and more professional when approaching would-be employers.

Over the following weeks, Dean and Imran worked closely to continue to develop Dean’s job hunting skills and help him through any online applications over the phone – meaning Imran could quickly answer Dean’s questions and avoid lengthy waits for face-to-face meetings.

Dean’s first breakthrough came in August, when he secured a pay rise of around £2,000 a year. Dean’s finances were now steadied and his increased responsibility at work looked increasingly positive to would-be employers.

Not happy to stop there, Dean’s determination and new lease of confidence saw him continue to develop over the following four months, in which he completed a first aid course and level 2 SIA award. Armed with new qualifications and an increased responsibility at work, he was able to secure a health and safety job, taking home £10.49/hour – amounting to over £5,000 more per year than when he first met with Imran.

Dean’s Yorkshire Housing rent account is now in credit, a long way from the -£747 balance a few short months previously. Dean took the support of Yorkshire Housing’s community investment team and ran with it, he didn’t stop with his pay rise, instead he continued to push for more and that is why Dean was awarded Yorkshire Housing’s Change Your Life Award for 2018.

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