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Yorkshire Housing makes itself available for scrutiny from the people we serve – our customers.

In this blog, Customer Service Committee member Amy Green (pictured below) details the work she and her colleagues do to make sure we keep our services on track.

My name’s Amy Green and I’m a member of the Customer Service Committee at Yorkshire Housing.

At our last meeting, our team thought it would be a good idea to let customers know a little bit more about the type of work we do.

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We meet four times a year (once a quarter) and our purpose is to hear from all areas of the business.

Staff update us on the projects they’re delivering and we check on their progress and ensure projects are on track.

There are seven of us on the committee in total and we’re from a variety of different backgrounds, from housing to customer service.

I live in Leeds and I’m an internal recruiter for a charity – and I’ve also been a tenant for more than 15 years.

The Customer Service Committee last met at the end of January and we discussed many things.

Highlights included Yorkshire Housing’s new business strategy and how the Customer Service Committee fits into that.

We also reviewed data whereby we were able to benchmark Yorkshire Housing against other providers.

Our most important job is to make sure any new projects, changes or ideas have Yorkshire Housing’s customers at the forefront.

We put ourselves in customers’ shoes, and several committee members are tenants, to ensure we are providing the best possible service to customers.

We also analyse lots of statistics.

These take the form of service level agreements (SLAs), which are the levels we feel Yorkshire Housing should be operating at.

We look at many SLAs, such as repairs, complaints, the time it takes us to re-let our properties and make sure homes are up to date with gas and electric safety checks.

This allows us to make sure Yorkshire Housing is performing to a good standard.​​​