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I joined Yorkshire Housing to become a Customer Insight and Engagement Advisor just over six months ago. I love working in housing and the positive impact the sector can have on people’s lives.

In a previous role, I had the opportunity to complete a Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) Level 4 qualification and it was during that time that I found out how much CIH had to offer. I loved the events they held, the knowledge they shared and the community they had built – and last month I had the opportunity to attend a CIH Big Conversation event.

As part of the event, I was able to virtually network with young people in the housing industry and discuss topics such as: how our perceptions and mindsets influence our actions, social inclusion within housing and how to boost your career in housing. While talking about how to boost your career they showcased a member of the CIH Futures Board which is what inspired me to apply.

To me, the board is a great opportunity to meet new people, develop opportunities for others and create a change in the sector. As part of the application process I was asked to present a housing topic that I feel I could make a difference in. I chose to focus on promoting the career opportunities the housing sector has for young people.

Being part of the Futures Board at the age of 25 is exciting. It’s unique because it’s people under 30 to get together and make their mark on the housing sector. I love the idea of being part of a board that provides a platform for the great ideas young people have and paves the way for young people to have their say. We might not have the work or life experience of someone older, but we make up for it in creativity, new ideas and enthusiasm. One of Yorkshire Housing’s staff values is to be curious which nicely ties together with the work I will do with the board. As the Futures Board is a national group, there are lots of great opportunities to share and learn best practice from other organisations as well as hear ideas from other young people.

My current role means that I am constantly speaking to customers and finding out about their experiences of the services they have received. The knowledge we gain from customers will undoubtedly shape the discussions I have as part of the

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