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Antisocial behaviour policies were the focus of a tenant discussion last week to gather views on their effectiveness and how they can be improved.

Yorkshire Housing held the focus group last Monday to see where we could make some changes that would be most effective for tenants and how to communicate our policies better. There were some lively debates around how best to respond to antisocial behaviour and the best way to keep tenants safe and feeling secure.

The group discussed harassment, hate crime, domestic abuse and drug dealing and how our current approach to such issues could be improved.

Antisocial behaviour manager Adam Greenwood and customer insight and engagement officer Alice Keirle led the discussion on Monday.

Alice said it was a successful event and there were many views that would be taken into account when reviewing the policies.

“We had some interesting views from our tenants and it was a really engaging session with involvement from everyone present. There was so much discussion we could have done with doubling the amount of time allowed, which proves it is something that is important to our tenants. We will go back now and review the feedback we received in the context of the policies.”

Adam told the group that writing information down was an effective way to take action. He said:

“We have thought a lot about helping people through frightening times and a lot of the time it is one person’s word against another, which is why writing things down is helpful and an effective way of allowing us to handle the situation.”

One tenant raised the point that people didn’t want to draw attention to themselves to problem tenants in their area. “People don’t want to be associated with the police. A lot of people are vulnerable and elderly and they don’t have the resources to do anything.”

The next steps are now to ask the Customer Voice Panel for their feedback on some specific questions about the policies. The policies will then be reviewed along with this feedback and will then go to senior managers for approval.