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The customer services committee


The Customer Services Committee makes sure that Yorkshire Housing provides excellent customer service and acts as the link between Yorkshire Housing’s board and our customers.

What do they do?


Committee members make sure the views and needs of customers are considered in the work carried out by Yorkshire Housing. They cover all aspects of customer facing operations. They meet four times a year to work through how customer services can be improved.

Who’s on the committee?


There are seven committee members, made up of tenants and independent people who are not employed by Yorkshire Housing. The members of the committee are:

What’s new?


The committee are going to share what they discuss in their meetings more regularly. You can expect to see more updates on Yorkshire Housing’s social media channels (Facebook and Twitter), as well as the website. If you want to keep up to date, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Customer Services Committee

Get involved

Are you interested in helping shape Yorkshire Housing’s services? Find out more about our Customer Voice Panel or submit a Bright Idea.