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Customer awards

Do you know a Yorkshire Housing customer or a young person who has made a difference in their neighbourhood? Have they made it a better place to live and gone out of their way to be helpful?

Make sure you nominate them for a 2019 Customer Award. It doesn’t matter if they’ve helped one person, a whole street, neighbourhood or community we’d like the chance to say ‘thank you’ and there are some great prizes up for grabs.

Young person award winner 2018

Read about Christian Lufwa who was highly commended in the Young Person of the Year Award for his dedication and hard work in gaining qualifications and securing a job.

YHL-4687 Customer Awards 2018 – Website Graphics GN

This is your opportunity to say thank you to a great neighbour. This award recognises customers who’ve contributed to their communities. They might have given a helping hand to an older person, a busy mum or someone with a disability. They may have helped tidy the street or arranged litter picks. They could’ve organised activities for the local community.

Young person award

This award recognises inspirational young people who have made a difference to their community. They could’ve helped out at a local club or volunteered in a project or raised money for charity. They may have supported someone going through a tough time or it could just be the person you can rely on to look after your pet or water your plants when you’re away.