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Criminal acts

What is a Criminal act?

A home can sometimes be used for purposes it was not intended for. A criminal act could be using a home for criminal or illegal purposes such as selling drugs or for prostitution. Other criminal acts could be criminal damage and vandalism, including graffiti.

What can you do?

People may be more reasonable if you discuss your concerns with them before involving other parties and if they know there may be consequences for their actions if the complaints go any further, so try and talk to your neighbour first but do not put yourself in danger by doing so. However, if this does not work, please contact Yorkshire Housing or the police as they may be able to make the activities stop.

What can Yorkshire Housing do?

It is up to your neighbourhood officer to decide whether it is antisocial behaviour or not based on whether the tenancy agreement has been breached. Your neighbourhood officer will carry out a thorough and prompt investigation of your complaint and will keep you fully informed of his or her findings.

Some or all of the following steps will be taken depending on the extent of the problem:

  • Issuing a warning
  • Involvement of mediation or Restorative Justice for both parties
  • Issuing CCTV equipment
  • Issuing physical security measures such as extra locks and security lights
  • Written warnings to perpetrator
  • Injunction (county court order) against perpetrator
  • Eviction proceedings
  • Involvement of the police

Find out more about how Yorkshire Housing deals with antisocial behaviour.

Report antisocial behaviour

If you or your neighbours are suffering from any of the issues described – we want to know. Report antisocial behaviour online or call 0345 366 4404.

Our promise

We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy their home, free from nuisance or antisocial behaviour. Find out more about how Yorkshire Housing deals with antisocial behaviour.

Success stories

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