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Proving nuisance and antisocial behaviour

If you are witnessing or suffering from nuisance, crime and antisocial behaviour it is important to keep detailed records of what is happening to you and your family. So that the police or Yorkshire Housing can help quickly, we will need dates and times of incidents; what exactly happened; who said or did what; and how long the incident lasted. It is important you tell us how the nuisance or antisocial behaviour makes you feel, or if it is harming your health.

Yorkshire Housing has a range of evidence gathering tools to help you do this:

Incident diary

Yorkshire Housing will give you an incident diary in which you can write accounts of what has happened very soon after they have happened: easily our most effective evidence gathering tool.

Sound recorder

You can record noise problems on your own phone or camcorder, or we can give you hand-held sound recorders showing the time and date of each recording.

CCTV cameras

Many customers have their own CCTV camera systems installed to help protect their property and gather evidence. Other agencies such as the police and local authorities can install cameras for a few weeks in more complicated cases.

Professional witnesses

A professional witness can be your neighbourhood officer, a police officer, caretaker, postal worker, milkman any one who witnesses incidents whilst going about their normal day-to-day work. Our antisocial behaviour team can come out any time (including evenings and weekends) to witness problems for themselves.

Report antisocial behaviour

You can also contact us online or call us on 0345 366 4404 to report antisocial behaviour.

Police help

Some types of antisocial behaviour are crimes and should be reported to your local police. You should also contact the police if you feel threatened.


If you don’t want to speak to the police directly, you can give information anonymously by contacting Crimestoppers.

Council help

Some types of antisocial behaviour are dealt with by your local council such as noise pollution, air pollution and environmental health.