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Coronavirus money and work advice 

The coronaviris is creating financial uncertainty for millions of people across the UK and changing the way we work. Below are advice and useful links on a range of topics.


Yorkshire Housing customers
We understand that this is a deeply worrying time and you may have concerns about paying your rent. We want you to know that no customer or shared owner will lose their home as a result of COVID-19. We are encouraging you to pay your rent as this helps us to continue to provide essential services. If you have concerns about money please don’t worry on your own – speak to us as there are many ways we can help.

If you have lost your job or been placed on reduced hours due to COVID-19 and you need to adjust when and how you pay we can help you. Our team of income advisors and money coaches are on hand to listen and offer advice. You can call us on 0345 366 4404 if you need support because you are struggling financially. Please be patient if you call as there are currently a lot of customers who need our help due to COVID-19.

Further information about what the government is doing to support people renting homes during the outbreak is available here.

Support for people who are employed

The ACAS website provides advice about your rights at work during the coronavirus outbreak, including sickness pay, what happens if your workplace closes, social distancing and health and safety and more. Click here for more information.

Your employer should also provide information about their own policies and approach during the outbreak. If you have any queries speak to you line manager or HR department.

Support for self-employed people

If you are self-employed and have lost income due to coronavirus you can claim support through the government grant scheme. Find out more here.

Support for those claiming benefits

The government has produced guidance about claiming benefits during the coronavirus outbreak, including changes to face-to-face appointments. If you think you may be entitled to benefits do not delay applying because of the outbreak.

Find out more here.


Schools and other childcare settings such as nurseries and childminders have closed due to the outbreak. You can find out more information here. This includes further details about provision for key workers and parents of vulnerable children.

If you receive free school meals the government has announced during the school closures you’ll still get support – either as vouchers or meals you can collect. Further information on the government scheme is available here.  You can also contact your child’s school to find out more about how they are offering this support.

Many of us are juggling looking after children at home, while continuing to work. The ACAS website gives advice about what to do during school closures.

There are a host of online resources available to help you keep children active, entertained and educated during the outbreak. This article provides tips on home-schooling during the pandemic.

Personal finances

The pandemic is putting a strain on many people’s finances.

If you’ve had a change in circumstances due to the COVID-19 outbreak many lenders are offering payment holidays or reduced payments. You should contact your individual lender to explain how your situation has changed. This includes personal loans, credit cards, and hire purchase agreements. If you are concerned about exceeding your overdraft, speak to your bank.

You should not make full payments to doorstep or payday lenders unless you can afford to alongside priority expenses such rent, utilities and food. If you are struggling call the lender as soon as possible and ask to suspend payments or reduce them temporarily.

If you are unable to pay your debt or it is causing you stress you can contact Step Change or National Debtline, both offer online chats for advice and have helpful factsheets on all aspects of money management and debt.


The government has announced a voluntary agreement with banks where they should offer mortgage holders who are struggling financially due to COVID -19 a three month mortgage payment holiday.

If you are struggling you should contact your lender as soon as possible so discuss mortgage payment holidays and other options. More information about mortgage payment holidays is available from the Money Advice Service.

Support from Yorkshire Housing

If you’re a Yorkshire Housing customer and have money worries please don’t suffer in silence, as there are lots of ways we can help. You can contact our team of money coaches on 0345 366 4404 for advice and support.

Find out more about our money advice service here.