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Our history

At Yorkshire Housing we’re really proud of our history. We were formed in 2008 through the formal merging of the different parts of the Yorkshire Housing Group. Today, we manage more than 18,000 affordable and social rent homes, with plans to build 3,000 more by 2021.

1999 – 2000

In July 1999, the Yorkshire Housing Group was formed through a merger between the Ryedale Housing Association (a stock transfer of council houses owned by Ryedale District Council) and the Yorkshire Metropolitan Housing Association (whose homes were mainly in West and South Yorkshire). The two organisations together had a combined stock of about 9,000 homes. The merger generated additional resources for development and investment in our existing homes.

At the time of the merger, Yorkshire Metropolitan Housing had a charity called the Yorkshire Metropolitan Housing Foundation. The foundation changed its name to the Yorkshire Housing Foundation and provided services for vulnerable owner-occupiers and tenants in the private sector, giving assistance with adaptations, repairs and support services. It is funded by government grants, fees and private donations.

On merging, both Yorkshire Metropolitan Housing and Ryedale Housing Association had a modest number of market rent properties. We were required by our regulator, the Housing Corporation, to identify this as a separate business. And so Space Property was created in 1999. This commercial business manages homes to rent at market and sub-market rents. Through Space Property, we have also been appointed by the Homes & Communities Agency to provide a sales service to all housing associations in West and North Yorkshire in delivering affordable home ownership.

2000 – 2005

In 2000, the new group was offered two major opportunities. The first of these was from Craven District Council. They were looking for a partner to do a stock transfer and selected Yorkshire Housing. After consultation and a ballot of tenants, the 1,500 homes transferred from the council to the group in March 2003.

The second opportunity was a Private Finance Initiative (PFI). We tendered in partnership with a bank and building company to regenerate and improve 1,500 council homes in Swarcliffe, Leeds, on a contract that would deliver improvements for residents and also generate a surplus for the group. Work started in June 2005 and we provided the repairs service for these homes.

In 2000, we partnered with South Yorkshire Housing Association (SYHA)  to provide homes for asylum seekers under a five-year contract with the Home Office. Safe Haven was set up to do this and the contract was extended for another 18 months, coming to an end in July 2006. Yorkshire Housing agreed with SYHA to take on the remaining project and refugee work within Safe Haven at the end of the contract. We now provide temporary homes for vulnerable people under contracts with several local authorities.

2005 – 2008

In 2005, Bradford-based housing association Brunel Housing was under pressure from the Housing Corporation to deliver better customer services. But they did not have the resources. Brunel had 2,700 homes, many of which required major investment to bring them up to modern standards. Brunel also has an extensive range of services for people with special needs and delivered day care and residential services. Yorkshire Housing was selected by Brunel to take ownership of their stock based on a commitment to invest in their homes. Brunel Housing joined the group in January 2006.

2008 – present

In 2008, we merged all of our charitable activity into a single legal entity, Yorkshire Housing, creating a solid platform for providing consistent services to all our customers.

Yorkshire Housing has grown and diversified significantly over the last 12 years. We now have more than 18,000 homes in management across Yorkshire and aim to be one of the best providers of homes and support. We care about what we do and aim to demonstrate our values, which are to create trust, be curious, achieve impact and make things happen, in everything we do.


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