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Yorkshire Housing is the largest housing association focussed solely in Yorkshire. It has a broad-reaching portfolio across 20 local authorities throughout Yorkshire and provides over 16,500 homes across a range of tenures. It also supports over a thousand elderly or vulnerable tenants. It is a trusted partner of MHCLG, one of just 23 national strategic partners.

Yorkshire Housing has a vibrant development program and is on track to deliver 3,000 plus new homes by 2021 and another 3,000 by 2026. This will help us achieve our social purpose of providing great homes to people throughout the region.

Yorkshire Housing was awarded the highest G1/ V1 ratings possible by the Regulator for Social Housing for both governance and viability and has an A3 Moody credit rating.

Credit ratings

Yorkshire Housing has a credit rating of A3 from Moody’s based on a number of credit strengths including a stable income stream and consistent profitability, moderate and stable debt and a simple corporate structure. The social housing sector relies on potential government support in the case of any financial difficulty which is reflected on all credit ratings issued to housing associations. 

The Regulator of Social Housing published their annual Regulatory Judgement for Yorkshire Housing in November 2018 which confirmed a rating of “G1” for governance and “V1” for viability, the highest possible ratings.

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