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How we are governed

Our boards and committees comprise people who are committed to Yorkshire Housing and the communities we serve. Members have a wide range of skills, knowledge and experience to draw on, and they attend training sessions to broaden their knowledge and ensure they stay up to date. You can find out more about our governance structure below, or through our annual reports.

Yorkshire Housing’s directors work closely with the board and committees to achieve the highest standards of governance and accountability. Together we maintain rigorous internal control systems. The effectiveness of these is reviewed regularly by auditors who report directly to the risk and assurance committee. At the same time we aim to respond promptly and sensitively to the widely varying environment in which we provide homes and housing services.

Yorkshire Housing’s customer service standards have been developed in consultation with customers, the board and committees. They reflect the high level of service we aim to consistently deliver.

Yorkshire Housing board

The Yorkshire Housing board works with the committees and the directors team to ensure that business is dealt with effectively, decisions are taken at the most appropriate level and the results of those decisions enhance our performance. The members of the Yorkshire Housing board are:

Customer services committee

The core role for the customer services committee is to ensure Yorkshire Housing delivers excellent customer service. The members of the committee are:

  • Linda Christon (Chair)
  • Stephen Featherstone
  • Amy Green
  • Wasif Mir (Co-opt)
  • David Perry
  • Tracey Tucker
  • Linda Woodward

Risk and assurance committee

The core role for the committee is to assure the board about the adequacy and effectiveness of our arrangements for governance, risk management and internal control, and to ensure we maintain our current and future viability. The members of the risk and assurance committee are:

  • Kevin Brady
  • Nina Cuckow
  • Kay Dickinson
  • Alison Hadden
  • Philip Severs (Chair)

Development committee

The core role for the committee is to pursue initiatives linked to housing approved by the Yorkshire Housing board and to oversee the commercial activities of YH Residential Ltd. The members of the development committee are:

  • Richard Flanagan (chair)
  • Naz Parkar
  • Philip Roebuck
  • James Wren
  • Nicholas Harne

Governance committee

The core role for the committee is to oversee the remuneration of the executive team and to oversee the recruitment of members to the board and committees of the board. The members of the governance committee are:

  • Sue Hall
  • Will Lifford
  • Alison Hadden

Become a board member

From time to time we have places available on our boards and committees. Anyone interested in being considered may contact Alex Clift at for more information. If you’d like to be kept informed of new vacancies, sign up for alerts on our careers page where all current vacancies are listed.


If you’d like to be kept informed of new vacancies, sign up for alerts on our careers page.


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