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Yorkshire Housing

Housing Yorkshire: Somewhere Called Home

Channel 5 has gone behind the scenes at Yorkshire Housing showing how we support customers and communities and manage our homes. It follows our team as they take on the role of mediator, detective and social worker.

Episode 1 trailer

Episode 1

In Knaresborough, neighbourhood officer Gwyneth is horrified when she learns that a tenant’s hoarding has turned his flat into a four room fire hazard, and put his own family and the rest of the block in danger. But when his wife reveals her concerns that he may be suffering from the onset of dementia, it’s clear the clean-up will not be straightforward.

Bradford neighbourhood officer Lee takes back the keys on a highly desirable 3 bed house, but with 31 applications, has a tough decision to make about who gets it next. For Sue, disabled and living in a first floor flat, and terrified of local youths who have been targeting her home and car for the past year, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

And neighbourhood officer Jas has to investigate accusations that some of her tenants may have obtained their new three bed house fraudulently in the hope of selling it a profit at a later date. She’s been questioning the neighbours and staking out the property to see if they’re really living there, but only a face to face confrontation will reveal what’s really going on.

The following links offer support if you or a friend or family member are affected by any of the issues raised in this programme:

Dementia: Dementia Friends  
Hoarding: NHS choices  
Antisocial behaviour: Victim Support
If you are a Yorkshire Housing customer further information on antisocial behaviour is available here.

This episode was on Channel 5 at 9pm on 4 April.

Update on episode 1

Further to the screening of episode one of Housing Yorkshire: Somewhere to call home, which aired Wednesday 4 April, Yorkshire Housing has received more information about the case where there were allegations that a property was unoccupied in Leeds.

Yorkshire Housing confirms that it is satisfied that this customer and her family are living at the property as their main and principle home and that there was nothing untoward about how they obtained a tenancy.


Episode 2

In Sheffield, Neighbourhood Officer Clare investigates accusations of anti-social behaviour on one of her inner city estates. Tenants are complaining that one of their neighbours is letting noisy and undesirable visitors into their building. But before Clare can take action, she needs to track the problem neighbour down, and that’s not easy.

In Wakefield, Neighbourhood Officer Tom visits a tenant who is complaining she’s being bullied by her other residents on her estate. But accusations that she has been noisy and abusive are now piling up against her, and the housing association is forced to take a tough decision for the sake of the local community.

And when Bradford officer Lee discovers someone’s been fly tipping on one of his estates, the only way to identify the perpetrator is to sift through their abandoned trash. But as he prepares to confront the culprit, Lee makes a shock discovery.

Tune in to Channel 5 at 9pm on 11 April to see this episode.

The following links offer support if you or a friend or family member are affected by any of the issues raised in this programme:

Homelessness and overcrowding: Shelter
Antisocial behaviour: Victim Support


Episode 3

ASB officer Emma is determined to find evidence to evict a tenant whose family are terrorising a Wakefield estate. But with residents too frightened to give witness statements against them, and the police only able to give limited help, it’s frustratingly hard to put the case together.

Bradford Neighbourhood Officer Jas is shocked to discover a tenant still living in the property during a routine repossession. With the woman scared and reluctant to leave, Jas and her fellow officer must advise her on how to find a bed for the night. But Jas’s challenges are only beginning – now she needs to find a new and reliable tenant to take the small flat on.

And in Barnsley, Michelle dons her hazard suit to visit an abandoned flat filled with nappies, needles, fleas and a snake. As the maintenance team get to grips with the clear out, Michelle knows she’s only got three weeks before the next tenant will be moving in.

Tune in to Channel 5 at 9pm on 18 April to see this episode.

The following links offer support if you or a friend or family member are affected by any of the issues raised in this programme:

Homelessness: Shelter
Antisocial behaviour: Victim Support

If you would like further information about the programme please see our blog by director of customer services Michelle Gregg or to arrange interviews visit our media enquiries page.