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Our neighbourhood promise

We want to be a neighbourhood focused housing association and we believe that the changes we are making will lead to improvements for you in your home and within your community.

  • We will be working hard in your neighbourhood to understand the issues and address any changes that need to be made.
  • We will visit every household to find out from you what is important.
  • We will hold events in your neighbourhood in partnership with others to engage everyone in improvements.

You can expect Yorkshire Housing to be:

  • Inclusive

    We will work with you to make your life better by understanding your neighbourhood. We will share your aims for your neighbourhood and help you tackle the issues in it.

  • Dependable

    We are here for the long term, consistently responding to your problems and needs.

  • Local

    We will use our network of local relationships, intelligence and initiative to solve problems at a local level.

  • Consistent

    We will have a clear schedule of times and places where we can be contacted. We are one of the few local services you can contact regularly and informally (even bump into by chance) and when you arrange a meeting you will see the same people each time.

  • Transparent

    We will agree with you what we are going to do and keep you involved as plans are implemented and changed. Whoever you report an issue to will ensure that you get a response.

  • Fair

    We will constantly balance interests to get the best outcome for your neighbourhood and we will keep people informed of where they stand.

  • Delivering

    We will deliver high levels of service and our staff will be fully trained and supported.

  • Connected

    We recognise that the problems of a neighbourhood cannot all be solved within the neighbourhood. We will influence on wider regional issues and ensure that residents are connected with these changes.

  • Open-minded

    We will be prepared to change a neighbourhood for the better, bringing in outside ideas where necessary and working with you to find new solutions to local issues.

  • Strong

    We will be self-confident and assertive and will challenge others with their responsibilities and commitments.

You can get involved in a variety of ways

We will develop local panels or forums to ensure that you know locally how we are working and performing and how you can play a key role in this. We will work alongside you to develop the services you want and tackle issues to make your neighbourhood a great place to live.